CUTTING- Make my style !

Dead Strong

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Do you want to be different?

Do you want a personalised items from our store?

Well you have come to the right place!

Here you can choose to have your item chopped up for a personalised look.

What can I get?

  • Have the neck removed from your t-shirt for an off the shoulder look.
  • Remove the sleeves for a muscle tee style
  • Shred the top of the back with big wide strips.
  • Shred the top of the back with thinner slashes
  • Slash the sides from the waist to the bottom

All these modifications are done by hand! this means they are all individually cut and cuts may differ. We also recommend that any item that has been shredded should be placed in a pillow case to be washed so the strings do not get caught and rip in the wash!


Back and side shredding will be done in a triangular shape so as not to amend the fitting or style of the garment

 e.g If you require cutting on the back or sides, the cuts will be longer at the top and taper down to smaller cuts.